Tektronix AD007 GPIB-LAN Adapter TDS Series Oscilloscopes (TEK AD007)

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Tektronix AD007 GPIB-LAN Adapter TDS Series Oscilloscopes (TEK AD007)

Tektronix AD007

GPIB-LAN Adapter (TEK AD007)

Using the Tektronix AD007 GPIB-LAN adapter you can control your Tektronix TDS Series oscilloscope from any networked PC. Check on its status or capture waveforms any time you want from your office, another site or from anywhere using WaveStar application software or your own software. Or command your TDS Series oscilloscope to print to a networked printer. The Tektronix AD007 GPIB-LAN adapter takes advantage of the fact that many of today’s computers are connected together through an Ethernet 10Base-T LAN.

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Tektronix AD007 Features

  • Control Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Other Instruments via a LAN-Based (Ethernet) TCP/IP Network PC
  • Interface Up to 14 GPIB Devices to Each AD007
  • Talk to Several GPIB Instruments/Systems from Several Networked PCs
  • Print to Networked Printers
  • Ethernet Twisted Pair (10Base-T) Adapter

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