Tektronix TM502A + AM503B Current Probe System with A6303 Current Probe

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Tektronix AM503S (TM502A + AM503B) Current Probe System with A6302 / A6303 Current Probe

Tektronix TM502A + AM503B + A6303

Tektronix AM503S (TM502A + AM503B) Current Probe System with A6302 / A6303 Current Probe

The Tektronix AM503S Current Probe System is the most versatile current measurement system available. Since the probes incorporate both a transformer and a Hall Effect device, broadband AC/DC current can be measured simultaneously. Depending on the probe used, current from DC to 100 MHz and up to 700 A can be measured by clipping the split-core probes around the conductor. The AM503S is truly a system, consisting of an AM503B Current Probe Amplifier, a TM502A two-wide Power Module, and an A6302 Current Probe, BNC-BNC cable, 50 Ohms termination, and a plug-in tool box. Options enable you to add or substitute an A6312 Current Probe, A6303 Current Probe or delete the A6302 Current Probe.

Tektronix AM503S (TM502A+AM503B) + A6302/A6303 Price

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Tektronix TM502A Mainframe & AM503B Amplifier TEK A6302 / A6303 Current Probe

Tektronix AM503S / 01 / A6303 Features

  • AC/DC Measurements
  • Manual Current Probe Amplifier
  • Plugs into TM500/5000 Power Modules
  • 20 A Continuous/50 A Peak
  • Push Button Auto Balance/Degauss
  • Bright LED Current/Division Display

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