Tektronix AWG2005 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MS/s (TEK AWG2005)

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Tektronix AWG2005 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MS/s (TEK AWG2005)

Tektronix AWG2005

Arbitrary Waveform Generator Tek AWG2005

The Tektronix AWG2005 Arbitrary Waveform Generator offers 20 MS/s and 64k deep memory. As with the entire AWG2000 Series, the graphical user interface allows on-screen viewing of waveform editing, simplifying "what if" test scenarios by allowing the easy creation of composite signals. The standard AWG2005 configuration provides two independent 10V outputs with 12-Bits vertical resolution.

The AWG2005 easily simulates signals where moderate point definition and long records are required for simulating complex waveform conditions. Direct waveform transfer capability makes the AWG2005 the perfect complement to selected Tektronix oscilloscopes.

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Tektronix AWG2005 Features

  • 20 MS/s (50 ns) Clock Rate Provides up to 10 MHz Waveforms
  • 12-Bit (1/4096) Vertical Resolution
  • Direct DSO Waveform Transfers
  • Built-in 1.44 MB, 3.5 in. Floppy Disk
  • Real-time Waveform Sequencer to Easily Create Automatic Test Sequences and Extremely Long Patterns
  • Fully Programmable from Front Panel, RS-232 and GPIB (IEEE 488.2)

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