Tektronix SD-42 Optical to Electrical Converter 1000nm -1700nm (TEK SD-42)

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Tektronix SD-42 Optical to Electrical Converter 1000nm -1700nm (TEK SD-42)

Tektronix SD-42

Tektronix Optical to Electrical Converter (TEK SD42)

The Tektronix SD-42 is an optical-to-electrical (O/E) converter for use with the Tektronix CSA803 and 11800 Series sampling oscilloscopes equipped with an SD2x or SD3x Electrical Sampling Head. The SD42 converter can be plugged directly into an 11800 sampling slot or CSA803 power slot. The optical signal input is a standard FC/PC fiber optic connector. Other connector types can be accommodated by using optional hybrid fiber optic jumper cables. The SD42 has an average power meter capability when used with a Digital Multimeter (DMM) which has selectable ranges of 1 V/mW and 1 V/W.

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Tektronix SD-42 Features

  • Bandwidth : DC - 6.4GHz
  • 1000nm - 1700nm
  • Optical Power Meter function

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