Tektronix TDS784D Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope - 1GHz, 4 Channel, 4GS/s (Tek TDS784D For Rental)

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Tektronix TDS784D Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope - 1GHz, 4 Channel, 4GS/s (Tek TDS784D For Rental)

Tektronix TDS784D / 1F / 2F / 13
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Rent Tektronix TDS784D Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope with option 1F/2F/13

Tektronix TDS784D Price

The Tektronix TDS784D is a 4 Channel, 1 GHz, 4 GS/s digitizing oscilloscope featuring 29 automatic measurements with measurement statistics and has a timebase accuracy of 25 ppm. The TDS784D provides wide flat response, fast overdrive recovery, dynamic range, calibrated DC offset, 1 mV/div sensitivity, 1 ns peak detect and internal calibration.

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

Extensive user interface design has made the TDS784D truly intuitive to operate. Its familiar front panel layout offers dedicated vertical, horizontal and trigger controls. A graphical user interface with over 200 icons helps facilitate understanding and use of the advanced features. A color monitor helps rapidly distinguish between multiple waveforms and measurements. Online help provides a convenient built-in reference manual.

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High Fidelity Signal Acquisition

The high waveform capture rate of the TDS784D DPO, together with its high bandwidth and sample rate, delivers instantaneous signal feedback to show the true signals that other scopes may be missing. The DPO acquisition acquires over 1,000 times more data than traditional DSOs, allowing the capture of complex signals, reducing debugging times from hours to seconds.

Channels can be transparently combined to achieve higher sample rates and longer record lengths. The record length can be optionally increased to 8 M points, providing a high-resolution representation of the signal over a long period of time.

Tektronix TDS784D Features

  • 1 GHz, 4GS/s, 4 Channel
  • Up to 200,000 Waveforms per Second
  • 8-Bit Vertical Resolution, >11 Bits with Averaging and >13 Bits with Hi-res
  • Option 13 : Add RS232C + Centronics Interfaces
  • Option 1F : 3.5 Diskette Drive
  • Option 2F : Extended Waveform Math: FFT, Integration and Differentiation upgraded vers. 6.6e Rev level

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