Tektronix VM700A Video Measurement Set (Option 01 / 11 or 30)

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Tektronix VM700A Video Measurement Set (Opt. 01 / 11 or 30)

Tektronix VM700A / 01 / 11 or 30

Video Measurement Set (Tek VM700A / 01 / 11 or 30)
Tektronix VM700A / 01 / 11 or 30 Price

The Tektronix VM700A is a complete video monitoring and measuring instrument which can be used for automatic measurements and monitoring, as well as for manual measurements. The user can select a display of numeric values to confirm the quality of the signal path, or may select graphic displays for more detailed analysis.
The VM 700A Auto Mode makes standard video measurements automatically, including those specified in RS-250B/EIA-250C, NTC-7, and RS-170A. These measurements can be compared with user-defined limits. A caution or alarm message is generated when these limits are violated. Reports can be made and printed automatically at operator scheduled times.

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Measure Mode provides graphic displays of measurements such as noise spectrum, group delay, and K factor, for adjustments or closer analysis of the measurement. Most measurements can be made relative to a stored reference to eliminate or minimize signal source errors. Most measurements have averaging to reduce the effect of noise. A channel difference mode (A-B, A-C, and 8-C) is also provided and is useful in input to output analysis of a device. VITS ID provides a quick reference of vertical interval test signal locations.


The user can define a sequence of operations as a new function. For example, the measurements to be made on a transmitter demodulator video output could be identified with a function labeled DEMOD. A user would simply select this function to make all measumments, and provide a printout. The VM700A stores user defined functions as editable ASCII files.

Tektronix VM700A / 01 / 11 or 30 Features

  • Digital waveform monitor, Digital vectorscope
  • Group delay and frequency response & Noise measurement set
  • Unattended monitoring of NTSC or PAL video signals from studios, STLs, earth stations, and transmitters
  • Measure frequency response, distortion, phase, crosstalk, and other important audio parameters
  • Remote control operation
  • Three input channels
  • Available : Opt 01 : NTSC Measurements Opt 11 : PAL Measurements
  • Available : Opt 01 : NTSC Measurements Opt 30 : Component Measurements

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