Tektronix WFM300A Component / Composite Waveform Monitor

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Tektronix WFM300A Component / Composite Waveform Monitor

Tektronix WFM-300A

Component / Composite Waveform Monitor (Tek WFM300A)

The Tektronix WFM300A is a component television signal monitor with features to monitor associated composite signals. It is designed specifically for signal evaluation and equipment alignment in production suites using RGB, Betacam or MII component formats. In addition, composite (NTSC or PAL) waveforms existing in the facility may be monitored with the WFM300A and composite vectors displayed on a companion 1720 Series composite vectorscope

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In addition to a luminance filter, which provides a smooth roll-off of chroma components in a composite signal, the WFM300A provides a differentiated step filter for measurement of luminance non-linearities in component signal channels.

Tektronix WFM300A Features

  • Component and Composite Waveform Display
  • Lightning Display for Equipment Setup and Monitoring
  • Menu Selectable Electronic Graticules
  • Menu Selected 625/50 or 525/60 Configuration
  • Separate GBR and Composite Picture Monitor Outputs
  • Bowtie Display for System Timing

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