Thurlby Thandar TG1304 Programmable Function Generator (TTi TG1304)

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Thurlby Thandar TG1304 Programmable Function Generator (TTi TG1304)

Thurlby Thandar TG1304

13 MHz Function Generator TTi TG1304

The Thurlby Thandar TG1304 is a classic analogue function generator with all the versatility that this implies including the generation of complex waveshapes right up to the maximum generator frequency of 13MHz. Unlike other analogue generators, however, it harnesses the power of a digital control system to provide an unrivalled range of features. The TG1304 uses digital “measure and correct” techniques to stabilise the main generator frequency to an accuracy of up to 0.01%. That provides not only precision setting but also negligible drift with time.

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The power of a full dual generator architecture

The TG1304 contains two full specification function generators. The main generator covers a frequency range of 10mHz to 13MHz from a 50 Ohms output impedance while the auxiliary generator covers 5mHz to 50kHz from a 600 Ohms output impedance. Both generators can provide output levels between 2mV and 20V pk-pk. Although the auxiliary generator is intended primarily for providing sweep and modulation facilities for the main generator, it can also be used completely independently as a source of sine, triangle or square waves with variable symmetry. A third internal generator provides a variable frequency source for the gated and triggered burst modes.

Thurlby Thandar TG1304 Features

  • Traditional analogue generator with digital control
  • Frequency stabilisation to high accuracy
  • All functions controllable from GPIB interface fitted as standard (IEEE-488.2)
  • 10mHz to 13MHz range, 20V pk-pk output
  • Comprehensive amplitude/frequency modulation
  • Full triggering and gating capabilities

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