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Voltmeters & Multimeters

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 3403C / 1 / 6 RMS VOLTMETER
HP 34401A 6.5 Digit HP-IB Multimeter
HP 3455A Digital Voltmeter
HP 3457A 3.5 Digit to 6.5 Digit Multimeter with extended resolution to 7.5 Digits
HP 3457A / 44492A 3.5 Digit to 6.5 Digit Multimeter with extended resolution to 7.5 Digits with MUX Module
HP 3458A 8.5 Digit Multimeter
HP 3466A 4 1/2 DIGIT DMM
HP 3468A 5.5 digit DMM
HP 3478A 5.5 Digit, HP-IB Multimeter
HP 428B / Sensor Clippon DC Milli AM Meter
HP 4328A Milliohmmeter
HP 4338B / GPIB I/F & HANDLER I/F Milliohmmeter
HP 44491A Armature relay multiplexer assembly
HP 8508A / 85082A Vector Voltmeter with 85082A O/P Module
HP E1326B 5.5 Digit Multimeter*
HP E1411A 5 Digit Multimeter*
HP E1412A 6 Digit Multimeter New*
HP E1412A 6 Digit Multimeter*


Boonton 9231/01 Single Channel RF Voltmeter
Boonton 92BD Digital RF Millivoltmeter
Boonton 92C RF millivoltmeter.
Boonton 92E Analogue RF Millivoltmeter


Datron 1061 Datron 1061


Digitronics 1010A Tachometer

Fluke / Philips

Fluke 25 Digital Multimeter
Fluke 37 Hand Held Multimeter
Fluke 45 6 Digit Dual Display Multimeter with GPIB interface
Fluke 8010A 3.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8010M Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8012A Digital Multimeter 3 1/2 Digits With Conductance and With 2 ohm
Fluke 8050A 4.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8505A 6 Digit Bench/Systems DMM. Various options available.
Fluke 8520A 5.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8840A / 05 5.5 Digit Multimeter
Fluke 8840A / 059 5.5 Digit Multimeter
Fluke 8840A / 09 5.5 Digit Multimeter
Fluke 8842A DMM 5 1/2 DIGIT OHMS,
Fluke 8860/005 Digital Multimeter with GPIB interface
Fluke 8860A DMM, 5 1/2 digit
Fluke 8920A TRMS Wideband Digital Voltmeter with Digital Readout in Volts & dB
Philips PM2525 Digital Multimeter
Philips PM2534 3.5 Digit to 6.5 Digit Systems Multimeter

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IFR / Marconi

Marconi 2610 True RMS Voltmeter with GP-IB Interface


Keithley 179A Digital Multimeter, 5.5 digits 10mV AC/DC sensitivity
Keithley 195A Digital Multimeter, 5.5 digit resolution
Keithley 2000 6 Digit Digital Multimeter
Keithley 2000-SCAN 10 Channel Scanner Card for Keithley 2000, 2001, 2002, 2010 Multimeters
Keithley 2001 8.5 Digit, Precision Autoranging Multimeter
Keithley 2001-SCAN 10 Channel Scanner Card for Keithley 2001 & 2002 Multimeters
Keithley 2002 8 Digit Hi-Performance Digital Multimeter
Keithley 2010 7.5 Digit, Low Noise Autoranging Multimeter
Keithley 2015 Total Harmonic Distortion, 6-1/2-Digit DMM
Keithley 487 Picoammeter with Built-in Voltage Source


Meguro MV-19C Meguro MV-19C


Motwane 8X-MK111 Multi Meter
Motwane SXN-111 Multi Meter

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S)

R&S URE3 RMS voltmeter

Sangamo Weston

Sangamo S82 AC voltmeter


Soar 5450

Solartron / Schlumberger

Solartron 7051 Systems Digital Multimeter
Solartron 7060 Solartron 7060
Solartron 7060A Solartron 7060A
Solartron 7060C Digital Multimeter
Solartron 7060G Solartron 7060G
Solartron 7061 Systems Digital Multimeter
Solartron 7065 Solartron 7065
Solartron 7081 8.5 Digit Systems Digital Voltmeter
Solartron 7150 Digital Multimeter
Solartron 7150+ Digital Multimeter
Solartron 7151 Computing Multimeter

System & Control

SC HTM-590 Digital Techometer Systems


TEK 7D15 Digital Multimeter Plug-In
TEK DM5010 4.5 Digit Autoranging Programmable DMM (TM5000 Mainframe)
TEK DM501A 4.5 Digit Plug-in DMM (compatible with TM500/TM5000 M/frames)
TEK DM501A/02 4.5 Digit Plug-in DMM (compatible with TM500/TM5000 M/frames) With Option 02
TEK DM504A Autorange 4 1/2 digits Multimeter
TEK DM511 Digital Multimeter Module for TM Series

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