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Aeroflex / Marconi 6960B

Marconi 6960B RF Power Meter with option 01 / 03 / 04 (Aeroflex 6960B)

RF Power Meter
With option 01 / 03 / 04

(Marconi 6960B Specification)

IFR / Marconi 2955B

Marconi 2955B Radio Communication Test Set (IFR 2955B)

Radio Communication Test Set
1000 MHz, Built-in self test

(Marconi 2955B Specification)

IFR / Marconi 2023B/03

Marconi 2023B / 03 Signal Generator (IFR 2023B / 03)

Signal Generator
With Opt 03 : High Power

(Marconi 2023B Specification)

IFR / Marconi 2042

Marconi 2042 / 001 Signal Generator (IFR 2042 / 001)

Signal Generator
With Option 001

(IFR 2042 Specification)

Solartron 1260

Solartron / Schlumberger 1260 Impedance / Gain Phase Analyzer

Imped./Gain Phase Analyzer
Also Available : Solartron 1254

(Solartron 1260 Specification)

Anritsu MP1570A

Anritsu MP1570A SONET / SDH / PDH / ATM Analyzer with opt 02 /10

with 02 : GPIB, 10 : SDH

(Anritsu MP1570A Specification)

Agilent E8404A

Agilent E8404A C-Size VXI Mainframe, 13-Slot (HP 8404A)

VXI Mainframe
C-Size, 13-Slot

(Agilent E8404A Specification)

Sol./Schlumberger 1250A

Solartron / Schlumberger 1250A Frequency Response Analyzer

Frequency Response Analyzer
Also Available : Solartron 1254

(Solartron 1250A Specification)

Agilent/HP 8970B/020

Agilent 8970B Noise Figure Meter - 10 MHz to 1600 MHz (HP 8970B)

Noise Figure Meter with Opt 020
Noise source 346A/C available

(HP 8970B Specification)

Noisecom UFX7109

Noisecom UFX7109 Programmable Noise Generator

Programmable Noise Generator
100Hz to 1GHz

(UFX7109 Specification)

HP / Agilent 34970A

Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit (HP 34970A)

Data Acquisition/Switch Unit
Various Modules Available

(Agilent 34970A Specification)

Quadchek II 7564SA

Quadchek II 7564SA : AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance & Ground Bond Tester

4-in-1 Safety Tester
AC Hipot, DC Hipot & IR test

(AR 7564SA Specification)

Agilent/HP E7402A

HP E7402A : 3 GHz EMC Spectrum Analyzer

3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
With Opt 1DR/1DS/B72/A4H/AYQ

(Agilent E7402A Specification)

DranetzBMI PX5

DranetzBMI PX5 : PowerXplorer - Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA)
8 Ch : 4 Voltage & 4 Current

(DranetzBMI PX5 Specification)

Solartron 3535D

Solartron 3535D "Scorpio" Data Logger

"Scorpio" Data Logger
Available With I/P Modules

(Solartron 3535D Specification)

HP / Agilent 4195A

Agilent 4195A Combined Network / Spectrum / Impedance Analyzer (HP 4195A)

Network/Spectrum Analyzer
10Hz to 500MHz

(Agilent 4195A Specification)

Agilent/HP 8133A/01/02

HP 8133A : 3 GHz Pulse Generator

2 Ch, 3GHz Pulse Generator
Dual Channel, Opt 001/002

(Agilent 8133A Specification)


ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Test System (ILX FOM7900B)

Fiber Optic Test System
FOM-79800D Also Available

(ILX FOM-7900B Specification)

Agilent 81130A / 81132A

Agilent 81130A / 81132A Pulse Pattern Generator - 660 MHz (HP 81130A)

Pulse Pattern Generator
With 2 x 81132A

(Agilent 81130A Specification)

Sefelec PC7P

Sefelec PC7P : Dielectric Strength Tester

Dielectric Strength Tester
0 to 6kV DC and AC

(Sefelec PC7P Specification)