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Agilent/HP 8970B/020

Agilent 8970B Noise Figure Meter - 10 MHz to 1600 MHz (HP 8970B)

Noise Figure Meter with Opt 020
Noise source 346A/C available

(HP 8970B Specification)

Amplifier Research 25A250

Amplifier Research 25A250 RF Amplifier (AR 25A250)

RF Amplifier
10 KHz - 250 MHz, 25W

(AR 25A250 Specification)

Schlumberger/Sol. 3531D

Solartron 3531D Orion Delta Data Acquisition System Mainframe (Schlumberger 3531D)

Orion Delta Data Acq. System
Various Plug-in modules available

(Solartron 3531D Specification)

Agilent 8757D / 85037B

Agilent 8757D with 85037B

Scalar Network Analyzer
With 85037B Perecision Detector

(Agilent 8757D Specification)

Solartron 1260

Solartron / Schlumberger 1260 Impedance / Gain Phase Analyzer

Imped./Gain Phase Analyzer
Also Available : Solartron 1254

(Solartron 1260 Specification)

National Instruments

PXI Mainframe & Modules
PXI-1000B, PXI-2501,
PXI-2565, PXI-6533,
PXI-6704, SCXI-1102,

Variety of NI Chassis &
Interfact Modules

(NI PXI MF & Modules)

Agilent / HP

E1300A, E1400A,
E1500A, E1600A
E6170A, E8404A

Variety of HP Multiplexer,
I/O & Switch Modules

(HP VXI/VME Instruments)

Quadchek II 7564SA

Quadchek II 7564SA : AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance & Ground Bond Tester

4-in-1 Safety Tester
AC Hipot, DC Hipot & IR test

(AR 7564SA Specification)

HP / Agilent 4195A

Agilent 4195A Combined Network / Spectrum / Impedance Analyzer (HP 4195A)

Network/Spectrum Analyzer
10Hz to 500MHz

(Agilent 4195A Specification)

Keithley 2015

Keithley 2015 THD 6.5 Digit Multimeter

THD 6.5 Digit Multimeter
THD, THD+Noise & SINAD msmt

(Keithley 2015 Specification)

Agilent 81130A / 81132A

Agilent 81130A / 81132A Pulse Pattern Generator - 660 MHz (HP 81130A)

Pulse Pattern Generator
With 2 x 81132A

(Agilent 81130A Specification)

Fluke 5700A / 5720A

Fluke 5700A / 5720A : Precision Multifunction Calibrators (For Rent)

Multifunction Calibrators
5700A / 5720A-UNP for Rent

(Fluke 5700A/5720A Specs)

Agilent/HP E7402A

HP E7402A : 3 GHz EMC Spectrum Analyzer

3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
With Opt 1DR/1DS/B72/A4H/AYQ

(Agilent E7402A Specification)

DranetzBMI PX5

DranetzBMI PX5 : PowerXplorer - Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA)
8 Ch : 4 Voltage & 4 Current

(DranetzBMI PX5 Specification)

Motorola/Intel ICE Emulators

Motorola ICE Emulators
68020, 68030,
68340, 68360, 68302
Intel ICE Emulators
80C186/8EB, 80C196

HP/Agilent 64700B/64700A
Card Cage Available

(Motorola / Intel ICE Emulators)

Anritsu MS2687B

Anritsu MS2687B : 30 GHz Microwave Spectrum Analyzer

Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
9 KHz to 30 GHz

(Anritsu MS2687B Specification)

Agilent / HP 53131A

HP 53131A

225MHz Universal Counter
Various Options Available

(Agilent 53131A Specification)

Solartron 7151

Solartron 7151 Computing Multimeter (Schlumberger 7151)

Computing Multimeter
6.5 Digit, AC, DC, Resi., Temp.

(Solartron 7151 Specification)

Sefelec PC7P

Sefelec PC7P : Dielectric Strength Tester

Dielectric Strength Tester
0 to 6kV DC and AC

(Sefelec PC7P Specification)